Where does the word dissolve come from ?! Does that even come from? ^^


Where does the word dissolve come from ?! Does that even come from? ^^

I had never thought about it before. My mom somehow figured it out and wants to know where it came from. You meant somehow by “dissocial” is that correct?

Does the word even come from anywhere? Isn’t that just an invention ?! ^^

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The colloquial verb to dissolve (from the English disrespect, discriminate or discredit derived verb to diss [1]; abbreviation for discredit or discriminate), mainly used by young people, means to put someone down, turn someone on, disrespect or abuse someone. The word has been listed in the spelling dictionary since 2000. [2]

I heard it for the first time in the rap “Jetzt ist gut” from the band Such A Surge: “Do you still enjoy tormenting and dissing me, shitty.” (1998).

Comes from the rapper scene and is a simplification of discriminate or discredit (because these words don’t rhyme and they don’t fit well into the rhythm) 🙂 Meaning “humiliate, make bad”.

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Where does the bar come from?

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I haven’t found a word: DD Well, we assume that it is some kind of vessel that is closed / closed and cannot be opened with a key or other object. : D Sounds iwie stupid, but still, is there such a word? If so, let me know;)

My hobby is translation from German into Russian. With Uwe Timm I came across one word and that was – Schangse: “Have you ever sone Schangse”. I understand that this is a chance.

So, my question is actually: is this word colloquial or an invention by Uwe Timm or used in a limited way somewhere? Many thanks for the help.

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