Where can you watch Death Note?


Where can you watch Death Note?

Where can you watch it?

The best is GerDub / GerSub / EngDub / EngSub.

Because otherwise I don’t understand.

And I don’t have Netflix there anyway.

3 answers.

Sorry to disappoint you, but only available (season 1) on Netflix according to the JustWatch app! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

similar questions.

In which order should you watch Death Note? Just the anime. But all of them.

Also OVA’s.

I look in GerSub.

Does anyone know where to watch the 2006 Death Note film (best for free)?

My favorites so far are.

2.) Hunter x Hunter 2011.

3.) Attack on titan.

I am a fan of animes with fights that are at best based on something like chakra, aura, etc..

However, you can call me anime deviating from my preferences if you found them really good.

best they should be GerDub or EngDub, I’m not such a fan of GerSub.

I read on the internet that there appears to be a second season of Death note (and soon a third), but it’s only season one on Netflix so far. So I wanted to ask where I can watch the second season for free and legally.

PS: I have just read through other questions and some say there is only one season.

Hello I wanted to know how many seasons there are of Death Note and what they are called. And the best would be where I can watch it for free because season 1 is on Netflix and I’ve seen it too, but I don’t know about the rest.

Perhaps on netflix or Amazon prime or Magenta TV from Telekom? I would like to watch this series.

Why is there no Tokyo Ghoul, Attack in Titan or Death Note the animes are not on Netflix?

Just finished watching my first anime series, death note. What should I watch now? Should be something similar and if possible in German.

I actually wanted to watch Dragonball with a German sub first, but I don’t really like this one. I’ve heard that the original (Japanese) dubbing is supposed to be good, but I’ve only found this with EngSub.

I would be very grateful if someone could link a GerSub to me.

Hello, I watch Netflix and want to start Death Note (I was recommended to be a beginner) but I can only find the movie too. I’m happy about every answer 😁

I actually watch it on Netflix, but my parents now have a pin because of my little brother. And you don’t want to tell me because you think I’ll tell my brother. Where else can I watch it? (no anime4you)

Hello on Netflix is ​​the first season of Death Note with 37 episodes. Is it all a season or are several seasons shown there as one?

There are more seasons of Death Note than there are on Netflix ?

Where can you watch the second season of death note for free?.

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