What is the difference between the Bosch tools?


What is the difference between the Bosch tools?

What is the difference between the BOSCH HND431RS61 and the HND431ES61? What does the Rs / ES?

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The telescopic extension HEZ538S00 should be the difference.

I can highly recommend it to you. I have a Siemens with telescopic extension myself.

The oven looks like this without the Tele.

You can also choose a Siemens stove, they are often only slightly different in design. Are made in the same factory.

similar questions.

It concerns the following 2 devices.

where exactly is the difference between a.

Steam oven and an oven with steam assistance.

what can one do what the other cannot in the steam area? the oven with steam assistance is a weakened version of a steam oven??

can someone explain the difference between the individual Bosch windshield wiper model names? I don’t see anything through. They are all apparently Bosch Aerotwin models, but what is the difference??

I wanted to put in a new oven and I asked myself what is the difference or what does an “end time preselection” and a “timer function” mean?

Maybe someone has an idea which device would be better and the price remains about the same as this device!

Bosch HBA 23 b 250 = Bosch built-in oven approx. 400-600 €

Please reply quickly;)

Thanks in advance Tenshu.

What is the difference between the two devices ?

What is the difference between RS and ST, for example in the Ford Fiesta?

when is it called jogging and when is it called running?

What is the difference between the following devices: ?




I am particularly interested in:

Does any of you know like the WA. abbreviations at BOSCH differ?

WAW 28640 WAT 28640.

Electronics off display everything off, cannot be started, only the pump is running, water in and out, funny white even when the door is open, you can start it only the pump below comes water, you cannot select a program the display is off , rs is Bosch srv 45.

What is the difference between a classic drama and a classic theater? Or both denote the same thing?

So, is there a difference between the TGB Bullet RS and the TGB Bullet RR? So I couldn’t find any.

Thanks for all the answers 🙂

Bosch hen 230023.

I recently bought a new stove but can’t find instructions anywhere, one of you has one lying around.

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