To you women: do you oil your hair?


To you women: do you oil your hair?

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My hair is already so greasy if I would oil my hair, I would be walking around with greasy hair 24/7 so no, I only do my pointy oil but it has to be because of split ends.

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Apart from the fact that many women remove it, all women have hair on their asshole or there are also women without hair on their asshole without having shaved it?

I have often heard that many women find black hair too gloomy or that it quickly looks very strict and closed.

Don’t you think black hair is that great on women? ?

Are there women here who would have their hair cut?

Do guys like black hair (dyed / natural) in women? I know it depends on the type of woman and man, but I am interested in your own opinion. Do you guys like black hair in general?

And if not, what hair color do you like women??

I recently thought about why women / girls have long hair. I mean how did it develop or who came up with it? Why do women have long hair and men have short hair?

Hey what do you guys like better about women? Blonde hair or brown or black hair? I would be interested.

What do you find more beautiful and attractive about women??

Short hair: Short haircut.

Medium length hair: shoulder length hair up to the breasts (above)

Long hair: from the breasts.

Long (e.g. man bun) or short hair (styled hairstyle)?

how does long hair work on men for you women ?

More like “WOW” or “Well it’s okay”

So women too? So baby hair.

What could be defective that it is oiling between the rear wheels?

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