Termination of probationary period?


Termination trial period?

Hello, I have a question.

I am currently working as a temporary employee, my probationary period is until October 30th and I would like to quit. However, if I am 28 or older, I have 2 weeks vacation, do the 2 weeks vacation count as working days? So I would be officially terminated on the 15th? or do I have to work 2 more weeks after my vacation?

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If you quit now and the employer agrees, you can take your vacation immediately.

During the trial period, the notice period is shorter, usually 2 to 5 days.

But everything is in the employment contract.

With me two weeks.

It’s best to talk to someone who knows about it. I would do it this way. Announce that you will get your vacation days taken into account and just call in sick the rest of the time you have to go to work.

Because of the Corona crisis, hardly anyone will check this anyway and suing a temporary worker costs more money than it would bring. Employers know that too. 😉

Actually not from the 28th end but the 2 weeks will be paid.

similar questions.

I would like to quit my training facility and am wondering whether I will still be entitled to my vacation because I am still in the trial period?

Short addendum. The written notice of termination was received on February 15, 2020. Due to an accident, I was fired during my probationary period. Since I am a school assistant, vacation is only possible during the holiday season.

Now it’s been two weeks vacation. I’ll be sick until March 10th, 2020. What about the 2 weeks now?

I couldn’t go on vacation. Does the carrier have to pay for it? 🤷‍♀️Who knows something? A heartfelt thank you.

I started my apprenticeship on August 1st and I’m not at all satisfied in my company! Of course you have your problems everywhere, but it is almost unbearable there. My health is also a big reason.

I am still in the trial period and would like to quit with immediate effect.

I already have a new company.

Now my question is how should I write such a resignation?

Since I’m in the trial period, I can actually go from today to tomorrow or?

Can I hand in the termination personally or do I have to do something by post?

Let’s say I have finished my probationary period in training and suddenly I no longer follow the instructions. Can I then be terminated? Is this an important reason to terminate an apprentice or not?

Do I have to be warned first.

I was fired during the probationary period.

Make it your EXPERIENCE after Sin to ask the boss to talk to you about the reason?

Asking for a job reference does not make a sin either. If I got fired, it won’t say anything good about it.

I received the notice of termination by registered mail. Was. and I’m still sick during the probationary period. But I guess that the chemistry just wasn’t right.

The employment contract says.

During the trial period of 6 months, the employment relationship can be terminated with a notice period of 2 weeks.

The employment relationship of a worker or employee can be terminated with a notice period of two weeks to the fifteenth or the end of a calendar month. —–

So – I’m in the trial period and want to go to September 17th today. cancel. But the boss says that is not possible, I can only be on 15.09. on 09/30 cancel.

What is correct now ?

My training starts tomorrow. At the same time I accepted a place at university yesterday. I wanted to be covered with the training and have an alternative, but now I have to terminate it. Since tomorrow is the first day and I am in the trial period, I will probably submit my resignation tomorrow.

My question: Because of the probationary period, the termination is effective immediately and without notice, or not? Notice period only after the end of the trial period.

My trial period is until November 30th, 2019 with a notice period of 2 weeks. From 23.11. until December 15th (a Sunday) I’m on vacation. Now I would like to like to cancel.

Is that possible or do I have to cancel at the end of November in order to comply with the 2 weeks? No, because I cancel beforehand or?

And does it even go on December 15th. or should it be the 14.12. his? Thank you.

ivh am in the trial period and would now like to quit. Do I have to call beforehand and let them know or can I present my termination right away. Can I write a termination on the laptop and then sign it like that?

And if, for example, I quit on October 10th, when would my last working day be if I had 2 weeks’ notice? Lg.

Hello, I started working for a company, after a week I have extreme back problems and would therefore first be on sick leave for 3 weeks. Now my employer has given me notice. Can he do this and up to what point in time will I still be paid, does he still have to pay for the 3 weeks sickness?

Find this extremely annoying.

Hello, I would like to quit my job during the probationary period, there is a 4-week notice period in the contract, but the statutory periods are 2 weeks in the probationary period and the 2 weeks still apply. Or? . The contract also states that if I cancel earlier than the four-week period in the contract, I will then have to pay a contractual penalty and I can also cancel without notice in the first week ?

Hello, I recently started vocational training.

I would like to know whether it is possible to be terminated without notice during the trial period ?

Please only serious answers.

If I want to terminate my (training) contract during the probationary period and the contract says “Notice 2 weeks before the end of the month”, I can do so no later than October 17th Submit the notice of termination in order to be free from November??

And if I submit my resignation on the 16th or 17th and by October 31st If I work regularly, I will still get my full training salary for October?

If I quit earlier, can the company “throw myself out” (than the 2 weeks) or pay me less or no salary?

would like to cancel soon then have a notice period of 2 weeks can I take my vacation? I started working on July 1st, so I’m still on probation. I still have 14 days of vacation.


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