Streaming Youtube – the same stream all the time?


Stream Youtube – permanently the same stream?

I am a complete newcomer to the streaming world and would like to stream something regularly (every 1-2 days) via Youtube and embed the stream on my website. I would stream it via OBS.

Of course, I don’t feel like constantly changing the embedding code on my website – so my question: What is the best solution here? Doesn’t speak of keeping the stream live permanently and just broadcasting it at the scheduled times?

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the code should always be the same. As soon as you have entered it on OBS, it will remain there until you enter another code (e.g. from another platform such as Twitch)

As soon as you end a stream, the code remains. And next time you go live, just click on “stream”, on OBS of course.

You should never pass on code / show it publicly as someone else could stream the code on your channel. But should it ever get into the wrong hands, I guess the code can be changed.

similar questions.

I am currently asking myself the following question:

What is the best platform to stream for a newbie? Twitch or Youtube ?

I want to stream a game live on youtube but youtube says:

“Weak video output YouTube is not receiving enough video data to ensure smooth streaming without intermediate storage”

What do I have to set at obs studio?

Your opinion matters. Which platform do you think makes more sense for streaming? Currently streaming on both under the name MrFreedomHD.

But I would like to limit myself to one when it comes to streaming.

Hello and good evening. I wanted to find out whether my PC can do streaming and co .. I previously tested how it is with streaming. In the game: slight stutters but otherwise everything is great.

In the stream: everything is great in the start menu, but it lags during the game. I streamed with xsplit. My PC: CPU: AMD A10 5800K / GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 750Ti / RAM: 2x 4Gb DDR3 1600MHz My internet line is a VDSL line (50k) from 1 & 1.

Can someone tell me whether it is possible to make the stream more fluid or to replace hardware. MfG David.

I use YouTube streaming with OBS and have set 1920×1080 for OBS. With YouTube streaming it shows me that the quality is not sufficient and when I watch the stream you can only select 360p.

I use a MacBookPro.

How can I improve the quality?

Is it worth it to stream on because Mixer is a small platform right now and maybe even more successful. Because I prefer not to stream on Youtube, I’ve never seen a stream because Youtube is just a video platform for me and Twitch is too big for beginners or?

Sincerely yours,

I have a question and I want to stream soon, on YouTube Gaming. My first question would be is this even worth it, so do viewers come in at all? Is my stream recommended to people who watch Minecraft streams or does it not work at all and you have to make videos first?

So I already expected 5 spectators.

My second question would be whether I can change my voice in the stream, so it’s pretty high and I want to put it lower and with Audacity you can only change recorded things, right? So if there is a possibility please write.

Hello, Can someone help me with the perfect OBS settings for streaming. I am aiming for real Full HD with 60 FPS rather than a highly scaled Full HD.

Internet 150Mbit download 15Mbit upload PC: Intel i7 7700k @ 4.2Ghz 8GB RAM @ 2400Mhz Radeon RX 480 8GB VRAM ect..

Thank you in advance.

Should I stream on YouTube or Twitch? What’s the best?

I stream a lot on YouTube on my PS4, but for a while now the comments have not been displayed on my PS4. How do I get it to be displayed again if you want to watch it here is my last stream you can watch other streams the same problem!

I would like to know, since I am a YouTube partner, whether I can stream on Twitch and whether I can become a partner there?

Maybe only on one of the two platforms not streaming on both at the same time ?

I can not stream on youtube already activated live streaming.

Hao I would like to stream my live stream in 1080 p now I wanted to know what requirements and internet performance you need to create a smooth stream on Twitch and Youtube.

Please answer.

I stream with OBS Clash Royale on Youtube. It’s fun for me and I would like to stream longer. However, YouTube (or OBS) stops the stream after 40 minutes.

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