Small goldfish farms?


Small goldfish farms?

We are currently planning an aquarium for our flat share and yes, theoretically it would be cool if 2 goldfish came in there.

We already have the aquarium (200L, 100 x 40 x 50cm), so according to several forums it should fit 2-5 goldfish, but goldfish are sometimes larger than 30 cm and that is not possible for our aquarium. Are there possibly goldfish farms that are not that big, maybe. 15cm oA?

Or do you have similar fish that are about 15cm tall and robust? Gladly with link! 🙂

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There are no small goldfish farms.

But you can take a look at magnificent barbs, which are also perfect for room temperature without a heating element. They are realistically around 9-10cm including fins. For them a meter tank is rather mediocre, but far better than for goldfish. It is also a carp fish and its physique is not unlike a goldfish.

As usual with barbels, they are active, fearless, playful and curious (and uninhibitedly devoured), there is more “action” than with the rather lazy goldfish. But you need a whole group, 2 is definitely not enough. There are different breeding colors. The classic is red, but now there is even a shape in a bright orange-red that makes a goldfish look pale. Reproduction also succeeds in hard tap water, young animals grow significantly better when heated than at room temperature (as is usual with subtropical species from hot summer areas).

There are also forms of veils, but you should refrain from doing so, because an active, playful fish with veil fins is really handicapped and because the fins are bitten when fighting out the hierarchy in the group (more like a pack).

Brocade barbels are even better suited to the tank size. Basically like a yellow barbel that is a little too small. Again, it has to be a whole group.

Please note that an aquarium is not just a glass box with water and fish. You can only enjoy an aquarium if it is equipped, set up, occupied and maintained in such a way that it functions biologically as stable as possible. Otherwise there is algae soup and sick and dead animals. It is never a closed ecosystem, because you always have to feed and dilute enriched nutrients and waste materials by changing the water, but it obeys the basic principles of water biology.

Life in the aquarium is only possible with a functioning substance cycle. The plants and fish only stay healthy if everything fits together. It’s not incredibly complicated because it’s really about basic principles and not about the finest detailed knowledge, but you have to learn it first.

It must be clear beforehand who will take care of it. Anyone who takes care of it must acquire the necessary knowledge and he must be aware that he will be responsible from then on. Fish are vertebrates, the Animal Welfare Act and all other animal welfare regulations apply to them in the same way as to a dog.

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