Sausage in a bun with.


Sausage in a bun with.

How do you eat sausage in a bun?

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Sausage / sausage has to be warm and then off to the roll and mustard. Just standard.

I eat them with mustard. Warm or cold I don’t care. Nice Bautzen mustard.

I like it best.

I prefer to eat my rolls without sausage. Remember the famous quote from Otto von Bismarck:

“The less people know how sausages and laws are made, the better they sleep!”

He knew what he was talking about.

“Whoever eats his sausage with ketchup has lost control of his life!”

and he knew what etiquette was :-))

Oh. When he says (e) that, I think twice about going with ketchup.

There is the door —–> 🏽

Mustard, of course. Is there something else going too? 😉

similar questions.

I prefer sausage on rolls / bread.

Would do a poll for school. It’s about meat consumption. Things like sausage count, but not gummy bears or something like that.

I would be interested.

Thanks 👍🏻 ps I eat it without butter.

hallot people my parents gave me money today and i bought something to eat at the bakery.

a roll with sausage.

but why do the bakers always smear such disgusting stuff on the roll so under the sausage there is something white with green pieces and now i can’t enjoy my roll.

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