No occupation, except gambling.


No occupation, except gambling.

For years everything in my life has revolved around gaming and I have no other occupation. At school I have a lot of friends with whom I get along really well, but as soon as I’m home I just gamble and somehow I don’t know what to do with my friends. I only meet regularly with one friend (and we then gamble together).

I have a lot of friends on the PC who I play with almost every day, but they all live somewhere else and I’ve never met them.

I thought about it once and am now afraid that when I finish school in 3 years I will no longer have any friends and will just gamble. I think I really need help as I have less and less contact with friends.

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I had the problem with YouTube. I sometimes had a data consumption (only YT) of 120 GB per month. In the meantime I have said to myself that I only look at what is really useful to me personally and at most one lets play a day.

Now I have a monthly data usage of 18 GB from YT.

The most important thing is the discipline, it is very difficult at the beginning, but if you pull it off, you no longer have the need to gamble or watch YT in the end.

Instead, you can read, go out, do sports or play music.

Set yourself a time limit per day for gambling. In the beginning more, but less and less, so that you arrive at about 2 hours and you can get by with it. So you get more time for your friends and also for yourself 🙂

Boy or girl depending on which I haven’t looked now. Get out, make friends, do something with them! I’m a passionate long-time gamer myself, BUT I divide it up so that, in addition to gaming, I also spend enough time with my friends, be it going out to party, meeting to chat, eating ice cream, the main thing is to cultivate the friendship somehow and believe me after school Many friends or acquaintances will be forgotten, so don’t ONLY spend time in front of the PC. Just because you are pursuing one thing, you don’t have to neglect the other !

Just try to play less and find new things that you enjoy. You may have to get used to it, but you can do it! I wish you success 🙂

You will lose most school friends anyway, but you will definitely find new friends at work ^^ You work longer and have less time to gamble! It’s best to socialize or meet up with friends again.

similar questions.

I am 16 years old and have 2 best friends in school, but I never actually meet them because I find it more pleasant to be alone. At most I gamble with them sometimes, because everyone actually meets their friends, but I find it more pleasant to be alone and I wonder if I’m weird or if it’s normal at my age and it changes with age.

The majority of my friends got stuck with fortnite. Personally, I have nothing against them, but I also don’t feel like playing Fortnite with them. What should I do? Otherwise I gamble all games except fortnite.

Warzone, gta, just cause etc.

Currently only gamble with an online friend (almost).

Do you have friends online too? If so, you would rather or more often gamble with them than with your reallife friends?

Do any of you still have contact with your former ‘best friends’ from school? Because I mean, many now have friends at the school, but how much of the friends are there after graduation? Is anyone really friends with someone from school? ?

Hey how can you get to know people outside of school? I don’t have as many friends as others, just one outside! But I don’t know how and where to meet new people. All my other friends always know their friends from the internet, but I don’t like that!

I like to get to know new people with whom you can really do everything and trust them! But it shouldn’t be friends of friends of mine, and they don’t introduce anyone anyway. But completely new ones who have nothing to do with my friends!

Where do I get to know people like that best? At the age of 14 to around 16 thanks for answers!

I finished school for 2 years and gave me a lot of thought.

I’m not unpopular and I don’t have any stress with anyone, but after slowly losing contact with my best school friends, I noticed that I don’t have anyone anymore. I like to gamble and had a lot of “friends” there, but that is no longer what it used to be.

As I said, I get on well with many people, but I have no one with whom I spend my free time and who have this “best friends” bond. Was friends with my ex’s friends for a while, but well, it explains itself.

Is it going to others too? Can’t emphasize enough that I’m not the “outsider” type but I don’t have any friends haha, sounds really sad when I write that. Am btw. but quite spirited: D.

I hope I’m not alone.

Hello, All my friends are only playing and don’t want to go out. You have no other hobby than sitting at home and playing Ps4. It’s so exciting because I haven’t been able to do anything with friends lately !! What should I do now or what should I tell them?

Thanks in advance.

Hey 🙂 with some people I follow in Snapchat I see how many friends they have and with some others but not you can set that somewhere that nobody sees how many friends you have? 🙂

Hello people 🙂 I don’t feel like going outside anymore. Rather sit in front of the PC and play. I have friends on the Internet with whom I can talk / gamble 24 hours a day. Edeka is just around the corner (so I don’t have to walk really far to go shopping) and at school I also have real friends who keep me company 7 hours a day.

But now all of my colleagues are made up of athletes. Soccer, basketball, handball etc. But I’m just too lazy to go out or something.

I prefer to hang out in my room, play something and talk to friends who are like me (lazy, funny and gamble) btw: I am NOT fat!

My question: in a society like today, with you, do I really have to be ashamed of it? And is it the same for others? -Steam, Origin, PSN names like to write 🙂

Hello, I’m pretty much alone online because my RL friends don’t gamble. And I gamble a lot and for a long time. Where can I find mates to play CS / Fifa etc?

Does anyone know a side for it?

I have the problem that my friends don’t want to invite me anywhere or do anything with me. I’m actually always nice to them and often do them a favor. When I need something, they never answer or just ignore me.

At school we talk a lot or we play a bit in the evenings, but when it comes to partying, meeting, etc. they never invite me and they all celebrate themselves without me.

Should I turn away from these supposed friends and get to know other people?

By friends, I mean people who you talk to regularly, write to, do something and where you just know what’s going on in their lives.

Hey everyone I (w) am not someone who has a lot of friends and often goes partying like many others of my age. I already had experiences with false friends who excluded me. I have had a best friend for 6 years.

Unfortunately she lives far away but we keep in touch and she is always behind me. Otherwise I have a very good friend with whom I often do something. Otherwise only friends from school with whom I go to the cinema from time to time.

Do you think that’s enough? Is it because of me? I am often told that I am an honest and kind person..

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