Love her very much what should i do?


Love her very much what should i do?

I would love to shout that out to the whole world, but I just don’t know how to “convince” them of me.

We also talk to each other and I think she thinks I’m nice, but I just can’t take the next step.

Would love to do something with her personally and see if something happens.

I’m in my early 20s, she’s 19.

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Where do you always talk like that??

If it’s in the hallway, just say “before we stand here forever as always, come in for 30 minutes with a cola”. The whole thing is more relaxed when you sit down, so that you can calm down earlier. What is required to get closer. The best thing to do is take your time, go inside yourself, and plan how you will invite her next. So that you really do it.

If you don’t plan that and are not completely sure of your thing, you will spontaneously back down because a dog is walking by and she thinks it is cute, or something else unexpected. Therefore, it has to be planned and then carried out like work orders until everything is done.

Don’t fall in with the door. After your description, you don’t yet know how she feels about you. Write to her that you feel sympathy for her.

You would like to get to know her a little better. Would she like to take you for an autumn walk. Then you know.

A cancellation is not a reason to be ashamed. Good luck.

If you can invite her to a party together, then you have her close by and can spend time with her. So you can get to know each other better on neutral ground.

Then you look at how she is towards you, say: are there any signs of sympathy, is she flirting, etc…

If you observe this, then you can ask her if you would like to do something alone.

The best thing to do is still ask her. If you don’t confess your love to her, and don’t speak to her, nothing great is going to happen anyway.

similar questions.

Today I won a championship for the first time and am so happy that I would like to tell everyone and post it on facebook & co. But what I don’t do because I think that other people will then consider me to be arrogant & “boastful”. So my question: you personally think it’s okay if someone shows how proud they are and when do you find it boastful.

I only tell a few friends and my family, but actually I’m just so proud of myself that I want to shout it out to the world, so to speak xD.

We get along very well. We often do together. Write to each other every day.

I would love to try to get into a relationship with her. But it’s just up to her. What could I do.

I am M / 19 and would like to become more confident, clear and direct.

I am often too shy and too careful to take the first step. Once lay in my bed with one of them, but she was one who was also very careful and I also stop and I make her insecure because of my insecurity, but I don’t want that. I want to give her a security that she can let herself go.

How do I do that??

How do I make a good friend of mine feel more interested in me? (Sexually or even just doing more)?

I find them both sexually and personally attractive, but they seem to have stopped me lately. Is there a method that YOU will take the first step voluntarily or not?

I’ve been happy with my girlfriend for 2 1/2 months now. I recently asked her whether she “would like to take the next step” because she said she thought it was too early. I agree and respect her, but wanted to ask you how I could convince her.

I met a girl on Instagram 2 months ago.

We exchanged the numbers after 3 weeks and have been writing to each other on WhatsApp ever since.

After a few conversations with her, she told me that she was very shy.

If she has to talk to me on the phone, she is way too excited and cannot talk.

She told me her heart would race if she met me.

It’s the first time she’s met anyone on Instagram. Hence this species comes from.

I really like her and she is exactly my type.

Well, we are not at all friendly with each other and I have made that noticeable. I would rather have something with her. (not only sexually but also relationships).

What can I do to make her want to meet me WITHOUT feeling shy?

and how could I convince you what to do or what to say?

She is 19Y and I am 19Y too.

We meet tonight and want to do what you have tips what I can give her for the 1st date I personally think roses are too exaggerated ?

Hi I have a question. Many friends of mine say that it is best to write to a boy on insta. Because nowadays you do it that way instead of personally. Personally, I know it’s better etc. but I wanted to try that too and I noticed something.

How on earth am I supposed to find a guy I can write to. I don’t know the names of everyone in the world. And I don’t see the posts either. So how are you supposed to meet new people?

I can’t see into the future to see what his name is so I can speak to him. Do you understand what i mean? My friends say comment a picture and he’ll see it.

OK . Well. But where should I find the picture from? I don’t know them.

I (19) have been meeting a girl (18) for a week. We get on really well and have already been intimate with each other.

If I’m with her and say I have to go about football or other things, she would like to not let me go. Which I think is super cute.

However, I have noticed for a few days that I would like to see her all the time.

For me the whole thing is a bit new territory (i.e. when it comes to steadfast relationships) and I’ve heard many times or can imagine that clinging is not good. But I also don’t know when it really starts to cling😅.

I’m grateful for some advice.

Tomorrow together, I (m18) fell in love with a girl (also 18) from my class a month ago. For the past three weeks we’ve been getting closer and closer at school, talking and laughing together, she is often near me and I’ve at least recently been trying to establish physical contact. Whether she feels the same way I feel for me as I do for you, and I no longer trust my judgment on the subject because of catastrophic failures in the past. At the beginning I decided to get a little closer to her and gave myself three weeks, which will now be over next week. Of course I would like to get on with her now; But since I haven’t got that far with anyone, the new territory is me (I have never had a relationship before).

For my purposes, the next step now would be to ask for a meeting now. But I don’t really know how to start. I definitely don’t want to press her, which is why I don’t want to do it so directly.

I once heard girls want to be “ensnared” or something like that, I can’t imagine anything; just that they don’t want it to be so direct. It’s just not supposed to hang under the stamp of first date. I hope the problem is reasonably understandable. In short: I don’t really know how to take the next step (as I said, I don’t have any experience).

In addition, due to the past, I have a healthy respect for rejection. Last but not least, there is of course the formality, i.e. what would you (want) companies then, although I think that this is rather secondary at the moment.

Yes, thank you very much for your answers.

P.S. My subconscious and that what I hear at school say that she also had no relationship.

at 7 p.m. three buddies come to me and we want to watch horror films until late at night. At some point they will be hungry and will want to eat something. just don’t know what to do ?? prefer something quick and easy? Thank you :))

Hey guys the other day I asked a girl (you and me 19) if she’d like to do something with me on a certain day. She replied that she would really like to do that, but because of her stressful exams she has no time. Before we wrote to us by text message and when I said that we should have a chat about something in person, she replied that we could do that. Now I wanted to ask you if you think that she really has no time or no interest and what I should do.

Should I ignore them first or ask for another appointment? Greetings M.

The following W 19 At the moment I have a 4-person split (Mon. Tue. Thu.

Fri. + 20-30 ‘cardio afterwards, and on Saturdays only cardio if I like) Now I throw away my training plan on Tuesday. Personally, I would like to go to fitness much more than just 4x (or 5)

Preferably split 2 but Monday-Saturday and Sunday rest day.

Well useful? What would be good arguments to convince my coach that I can take this?

So I have ordered something so my package is now somewhere in Munich and the next step is the delivery, since it is an I phone, my mom has to accept it personally and show her ID, but by when does DHL express deliver ?

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