Lice don’t go away anymore?


Lice don’t go away anymore?

I had a severe lice infestation and previously thought that it was just a sensitive scalp because I have it a lot, but it got so extreme after 1 month. I can’t get the lice off since October! Me and my mom have tried all sorts of stuff but nothing helps! I really need help!

I don’t think I have any more lice but it itches a little and I have so many white nits when I get rid of the ones with the lice.

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Some populations are now resistant to the whole lice remedy. If that’s the case with you, only balding will help.

Sometimes a few lice survive the pest control and form a new population that is then immune to the remedy – if that happens more often, then at some point the remedies no longer work?

At some point only a bald head will help.

I had that too when I was 7. Back then, my mother bought an anti lice shampoo.

Have you ever been to the doctor?

Then go there instead of asking us. Usually this is the first port of call..

similar questions.

I have no lice, but I have nits (the eggs of lice). I had lice once about 2 months ago. Then there was nothing at first and for a few days there have been white round droplets on individual strands of hair.

I’ve already looked and checked everything, there are nits.

Do you have experience or a solution? It only itches slightly, but otherwise there are no more lice.

On the other hand, I bought shampoo and will try it out later.

Thanks for all the answers! Lg Patricia ๐ŸŒธ

Hello, so I found particles on my strands of hair, but my scalp doesn’t itch. I don’t know exactly what is what. It could be dead nits, last year I had lice, or dandruff.

I don’t think they’re living nits because, as I said, my scalp doesn’t itch. However, these points look more like nits.

heyy so for about 1 month my scalp has been itching almost all the time. Whenever I scratch myself I have black spots under my nails. It was already 3 times that there was also a small animal but my mother has already examined my scalp and found no lice.

Did she just look imprecisely or is there another reason for itching?

3-4 months ago I had lice but didn’t get all the nits out. Today I combed my hair with a nit comb and discovered thin brown nits in the comb. It doesn’t itch either, it may be that the nits come from the last time?

I have no lice but quite a few nits, they are far from the scalp, what is the difference between dead and non-dead nits? And how do you get it out? (Nissen comb does nothing) and if you should still be alive, you will die if you straighten your hair with a straightening iron about 200 degrees?

hello .. my scalp has been itching very badly for a few days and i thought i have lice but i haven’t found any but there are small white particles in my hair but i don’t think that these are dandruff .. you probably know why my scalp itches or how do I get that away? Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey guys, my head itches a lot and I have white dots on the end of my hair, but the hair is also bent and has fringes on some ends .. Is it split ends or is it nits? I also have a very scratchy comb that scratches my scalp a lot, which is why I have dandruff, but I’m still not sure please help me because tomorrow I have a LICE CONTROL and don’t want to be labeled as: unhygienic or something .

Since yesterday my scalp has been itching all the time when I’m not distracted. My mother checked today, it’s not lice. My hair is washed, but it itches really bad.

What could it be and what helps?

Can you please help me and tell me whether these white spots in my little sister’s hair are dandruff or nits? She may have lice?

But I don’t know where she should get it now ?! I mean, with a distance of one meter each, everywhere and all school classes are divided, there is no hugging and there is hardly any real close contact with people (except with family members). ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Ps. Your scalp doesn’t itch, we never saw a louse either. But it is just weird that these โ€œscalesโ€ โ€œstickโ€ in one place and can be given out, but are a little harder to remove.

Thanks in advance.

I wonder if I have lice or psoriasis.

since I’ve seen pictures of lichen on the internet and my scalp looks like this (I’m 15) I think I have it.

but now we have found out that we have lice in class.

my skin often itches on my head I have a reddish scalp.

Is it coincidence or not that we now have lice and the typical symptoms appear.

as I am embarrassed, I prefer to ask here.

Ivh got lice again from my little brother -.-. I washed my hair with a lice shampoo today. Do you think that’s enough to make the lice and nits disappear? Or should I do something else? Also, my head is still itching, but I no longer have the feeling that any animals are crawling there. and what do you mean?

Should I wash my hair again tomorrow with the lice shampoo??

I have an insect phobia and am terrified of lice. My scalp itches every now and then and I keep thinking I have lice. I’m already crying just can’t calm me down. What should I do how do you find out quickly that you have lice?

Thank you in advance.

Hey, my question is: when do lice / nits go away after washing lice shampoo and lice hair spray for the first time. Will they go away after the first application? Kind regards.

Hello my love. my scalp has been itching since I’ve been back home from vacation. Have no dandruff and no lice either. What could be the reason??

Help please!

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