LAN cable broken?


LAN cable broken?

Hello, my LAN cable was squeezed into a door at the point of the router and broke. I cut the cable 2-4cm beforehand with scissors because I am looking for a crimp plug and want to fix it with it, but all patchcables that I have found so far do not work for flexible cables as I have them.

There are also crimp connectors without having to buy tools for flexible cables ?

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I just read that you have litz cable.

Then something would fit:

However, I don’t know what the shielding looks like with the open wires. Maybe there could be problems.

is it also available in normal form ?

What does normal form mean??

Like your first post about my question here.

Here the connector is a bit more compact:

The screw connections just need space, which is impossible to integrate into a small plug.

OK thanks. It doesn’t matter in what order the cables are screwed in there ?

No, of course that has to be in the right order, otherwise it won’t work.

Here you can see the pin assignment and wire colors.

Are you looking for something??

Yes. Is this also available for Cat6a and does it work with a flexible cable means that the copper consists of many individual strands ?

Usually the plugs are all crimped, there are also reasonably priced crimping pliers for RJ45, otherwise ask a computer shop nearby if they can lend you crimping pliers.

What exactly do you mean by flexible cable? The RJ-45 crimp connector has to be tight. How else is it supposed to stay in the network socket: D Know how to tighten only with crimping pliers.

An unsightly alternative is to use an RJ45 socket (works without tools) and then to the device with another patch cable. I have many individual strands of copper.

Ok I understand. So it means that each core of the cable consists of small fibers. That also makes sense with the flexibility.

So my answer remains the same. Alternatively, SetsunaKyoura’s answer is helpful.

New cable is cheaper and easier.

For me it is not laid through the wall. up to the 1st floor.

then there are repair kits that you can buy.

similar questions.

So the description says “30m Ethernet patch cable for wired home or office networks”, does that mean I need a patch panel? Or is it a normal LAN cable?

This is the cable I mean:

I think it is a normal LAN cable, but I am unsettled by the “patch cable”. Many thanks.

I would like to connect my PC with a LAN cable. The problem:

the router is not in my room and has to go through my door.

does the LAN cable break when you close the door? or is there another option how the cable doesn’t break?

Thank you in advance for any helpful answer.

I wanted to ask how good the LAN cable is. I have a DSL contract with 100 MB download and 40 upload. Is the cable enough for this or is it too bad, etc.

I would like to stay in the price category (up to € 20).

The cable:

Since the router probably also plays a role: FRITZ! Box 7590.

Hello I want to buy a LAN cable my router is about 20 meters away from my xbox. I need a special cable or do I have to pay attention to something when buying?

So I got myself a CAT7 cable now and found that it is unfortunately being dragged off the door. It’s definitely not squeezed hard or anything, but if you want to move the cord under the door, you have to pull it lightly. At least it’s not completely free.

Is that okay anyway, or do I have to worry about shielding or the like, which the door would then gradually destroy?

I would like to lay a LAN installation cable from the router into a room and place it there at a LAN socket. Now my questions:

How can I connect the LAN cable to the router? I have to attach a RJ45 connector or?

How should I later connect the individual wires to the socket on the wall? So with the ‘A’ order or ‘B’? Or does it depend on how I connect the Rj45?

Or should I better use a patch cable for the 20 meters? If so, how do I connect it to the LAN socket?

thank you in advance.

So it’s bad if I simply remove the transition strip from the door, otherwise my LAN cable will be squeezed in and I’ll have a professional do it again later .

At the moment I can’t lay a LAN cable there correctly 🙂

I can go from my TAE connection box with the DSL cable (rj45) into a network socket (Cat.7) and at the other end (from the network socket) with the LAN cable, then into the wireless router.

Since the TAE is in the basement and the WLAN router should be on the ground floor and Cat.7 cables are laid everywhere.

Thank you very much.

Hello I get vdsl and now I have to get 10 meters to my pc somehow from the socket I would plug the 2 meter dsl cable supplied into the socket and then build the router there and then from the router with a long 8 meter lan cable to the PC is that well someone knows their way around or should I rather take a long DSL cable to the router and then place the router right next to my pc and connect it with a 1 meter lan cable? Please help thank you.

Hello, I’m currently playing Counter Strike with wireless WiFi and would like to switch to the LAN cable because I’ve heard that the full Internet strength is / can be used with it. But I have a question: Can you simply connect a LAN cable to the router and then to the PC? Or do you need something else for that? If it should work you could maybe look for a LAN cable that is about 10m long? (Which of course also has quality) I have no idea.

PS: My router currently has “100k”.

L.G. Luis, you can improve my spelling, I would even like to! 🙂

i’m moving soon and i wanted to lay cables in the house. the problem is that i’m not very familiar with it. first of all, can you lay this cable as a normal LAN cable? and can you share it, e.g. 2x 50m ?

and how is this cable connected to the router?

lan sockets are then installed in the rooms that must also be connected to the router?

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