Is this iPhone 11 contract worth it?


This iPhone 11 contract is worth it?

Hey everyone! 🙂 A friend of mine works at Vodafone and has recently offered me this contract (reduced by a Young discount and an existing Vodafone landline connection):

11GB LTE, Vodafone Pass (consume either music, video or chat apps without using up the data volume), Allnet and SMS flat rate.

The smartphone is an iPhone 11 (pre-ordered) with 64GB.

One-time device price: € 369.95; Monthly (24 months): € 22.99

What do you think?

Thanks in advance for your answers! 🙂

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If I have now calculated correctly on the basis of the data you have given, that is around € 5 per month for the contract, if you give out the RRP price of the iPhone. That is very cheap. Maybe your landline tariff is not so cheap for that?

Otherwise you can do that.

Price is just relatively cheap. But if you want better network coverage, I would go to Telekom.

Yes, but Telekom is much more expensive, isn’t it? I’m also not a Telekom customer. should make the whole thing a bit more expensive.

You can definitely do it.

I’m with Vodafone too.

Pay € 39.99 a month. With 20GB of internet and the iPhone Xr 128GB for € 1. And also these passes such as music, video etc. without data volume consumption. My unused data volume will then be saved for the next month.

Have been a customer for a few years and I have to say top people, especially the network quality.

Thanks for your answer 🙂 are you satisfied with the size and edge of the XR? It’s the same at 11.

The size is optimal. Is a good deal larger than the iPhone 7, but fits the hand well and doesn’t feel too big.

Oh yes, the edge. To be completely honest it doesn’t bother at all. I switched from iPhone 7 to Xr and was initially impressed that it even has such thin bezels.

Above all, the display of the Xr is a good deal larger than the 7ner.

Of course, if you are used to an iPhone X and then see an iPhone XR, it takes a bit of getting used to.

So all in one, the edges do not interfere!.

This is very cheap if you look at the regular prices.

similar questions.

I have a contract with iPhone 11 from Telekom on the Internet and wanted to ask you what you think about it: iPhone 64gb magentaMobil M young tariff (+10) promotion.

-all stream on packages.

the first 12 months 35 € after the 12th month 45 €

device price one-time 29 €

At the moment the iPhone 11 with 64GB costs only 739 € at Saturn and Media Markt, will it be a little cheaper after the release of the iPhone 12? Or after how many months does the iPhone 11 get cheaper?

Hello! I’ve been looking for a cheap contract with a good smartphone for some time. Time is running out, so I hope someone knows a good provider.

Smartphone: Very good camera, at least 4 GB RAM, Android 9 with update to Android 10, preferably Huawei.

Contract: Allnet Flat with a minimum of 4GB.

Price: Maximum of € 20-25 per month. (One-time device price not exceeding 50-100 €)

Should I get the Iphone 11 with 64gb or 128gb? PLEASE WITH REASONS! 😂💖 Hope I get an answer! 💖


I have currently terminated my contract (Vodafone XL) on December 15, 2016.

iPhone 6 Plus (64GB) 3GB data volume Allnet SMS Deezer Flat (worth 7.99 €)

Additional payment € 170 per month € 40

Completed as I said in December when the iPhone Frisch was on the market.

Now I want an iPhone 7 Plus with 128 GB that is its price range as it was 2 years ago.

The customer recovery at Vodafone offered me 5GB etc for 50 € and 500 € additional payment.

How can it be that I have to pay so much more for the same product?.

I initially turned down the offer. How far can Vodafone go in this direction and how often do I get calls.

Can I negotiate better with them in the second and third conversation !

Thanks in advance.

I would like to sign a new contract with Telekom. As usual, there is a one-time device price and a monthly tariff. My question is the first tariff already included in the one-time device price or do you have to pay both?

Hello people, today the iPhone X is released and my younger brother is a huge Apple fan. What do you think he’s getting a new contract with Vodafone, the Red with 2GB Internet. How much do you think iPhone will cost more? So, 300 € or more?

How about 64GB and how with 256GB Thank you in advance for your answers Lg Pumaking.

I am interested in an offer from Vodafone for a mobile phone + Allnet flat and Internet. However, a reduction of 10 € / month is possible with Gigakombi. Apparently I need another contract with Vodafone for this.

My sister also has a mobile phone contract with Vodafone. Are these two sufficient to apply for Gigakombi, or do you have to have a DSL contract in which our home internet and telephone system is also from Vodafone?

I used the iPhone 6s Plus for a great 4 years and already used up 40GB of 64GB .. now I wanted to make a contract with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max .. only I fluctuate between 64GB and 256GB .. they say the newest models more Take away memory for files than the older ones .. and in two years I would get the new iPhone again, is the 64GB worth it then? Also use next to a Huawei that means that both are always used, be it pictures, videos or WhatsApp audios etc. ..

What do I do if I want to change my cell phone during the contract period? So, for example, I have a plan for the iPhone 11 and want the iPhone X – what do I do? Can I do something about that??

I’m going to buy a new iphone with a contract. So far I have not had a contract and would therefore like to create one. (Please do not express any alternatives, suggestions or anything else)

My only question is whether it is better to use an iPhone with 64GB or 128GB.

With the Iphone I would pay € 44.99 (+ € 93 one-time costs) with a contract and 64gb, € 49.49 (+ € 45 one-time costs) with 128gb

I’m very hesitant to be honest (it will be my first iphone) – how important is storage space here? I mean, a lot of things are now running on icloud, etc..

Hi, I have a question and I have a Vodafone contract with a mobile phone (real allnet) with Debitel and I would like to know whether I can use these Vodafone offers?

Suppose I pay for an iPhone X for 24 months and want an iPhone 11 at some point – is that possible? And yes: under what conditions?

Hello, should I buy the iPhone X (€ 1 deposit and € 60 256gb per month) or the iPhone xs (€ 1 deposit and € 75 per month, 64gb).

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