Get used to the hangover (15 weeks old)?


Get used to the hangover (15 weeks old)?

Hello dear cat friends,

my friend and I have had a little cat girl at home for almost 2 weeks (now almost 14 weeks old and a Maine Coon mix girl). She has settled in very well with us, she has been sleeping with me since the first night, cuddles with me every day and is just a sweetheart.

We wanted to have 2 kittens from the start because we are working and don’t want to keep them alone. Unfortunately we were tricked with the hangover that we actually wanted to get and have already lost โ‚ฌ 200. Unfortunately it was already too late to take the brother of our little mouse.

So we had to look elsewhere.

Since yesterday we have a 15 week old BKH boy at home. He is already very big for his (alleged) age and also quite heavy. When he arrived at our place he was out of the box immediately, without fear or fear. He immediately explored everything and discovered our girl – unfortunately we don’t have the space in our 2-room apartment to leave the two in separate rooms for now.

He is about to approach her and of course she was immediately afraid. Trembled and hissed. That was okay for now. But he just won’t leave her alone.

He runs after her all the time, is really crazy – runs through the apartment like a madman and does not come to rest. This morning our girl made up next to the bed and later puked on the window sill – although we have two extra litter boxes, where one was near you (and until now she has always used the litter box)

Is it normal that the cat is after our cat like that? And felt right at home right from the start?

We have to go back to work next week and are thinking about giving the boys back.

We look forward to your help and answers. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Magda.

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Unfortunately, some things went wrong there.

At first, the combination of a male and a cat is difficult, or more difficult than two same-sex cats. The age is right, that’s good.

However, you should definitely create the opportunity to get them used to each other properly! Simply letting go of each other doesn’t work in any case!

thank you for your quick reply. We’ll try everything to make sure that the two are okay.

similar questions.

I have 2 little kittens. The tomcat is trusting and playful and also likes to cuddle. But the female (comes from the same litter) is rather shy and fearful. We have had them for over 4 weeks now, but the female is still shy.

The male greets, the female does not. Please advise.

hello who can give us tips. We have a four year old tomcat and a four month old cat girl for ten weeks. The cat was in the house a lot. Since the arrival of the little cat he has preferred to be outside. When they meet, the cat hisses and growls and wants to get out of the house right away.

Otherwise we separate them here in the house, nobody should be neglected. Even after ten weeks there can be no talk of friendship. What can we do to improve this situation?

Thank you in advance.

I noticed that my cat always runs through the apartment in the evening (i.e. hall and living room) but only in the evening.

When the living room door is closed, he stands in front of Jault Kratzt. When I open the door he runs out and stops Maetzt and comes back in. Even when the door is open.

But that’s only been at night for a few days. It was like that a few weeks ago, but then it was quiet again. And now it’s gotten worse.

I will soon bring a baby cat to me! However, I have a 6 year old male at home, he is nice and smoochy but a bit shy! He’s out of the animal shelter, neutered and chipped and of course used to other cats!

Nevertheless, my father said that he might kill or bite the kitten!

Does anyone have experience with it?

Having a cat (5 months) is a really cuddly cat and is always totally clingy. Have a new tomcat (unfortunately only about 6 weeks) he is neither allowed to eat nor can he move freely in the apartment as soon as he starts running around the cat runs over and throws himself at the little one with full body and bites him in the neck ๐Ÿ™ The little tomcat doesn’t submit, so to speak, but she just doesn’t stop! What can I do? Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

Which is better for me boy or girl? I would like to buy a Persian cat. Now I am concerned with the question of cat or cat who is the cuddly boy or girl.

I have an approx. 10 month old tomcat at home who has been home alone for approx. 3 weeks (our cat lady unfortunately died).

He didn’t know how to be alone before and made it clear to us that im boring.

So yesterday we brought a new male (8 months old) to us. He is also super friendly and is open to his roommate. However, our older tomcat only goes in the attack position and hisses a lot.

We don’t really know where this can come from, since he wasn’t averse to our old cat either.

Do you have any ideas why that could be?

Or does someone have tips on how the two could get closer?

As a final consequence, I would only offer to give the new cat back, but I would find that a shame.

I’m honest, I often get him in my bed to cuddle or stroke. But he doesn’t want to and always runs away. He always comes to me to drink because he has a bowl in my room. And he comes to me when my mother sucks in front.

But otherwise he never comes to me voluntarily (only when I’m not at home he comes into the room) What can I do that he just likes me more?

Should I just leave him alone for two weeks?

My tomcat is 2 1/2 years old and when we fetched him when he was little, he often slept with me on his stomach or in general he was always with me. Why not now?.

Hello. I would like to bring a second cat home and since I already have a tom at home, I would be interested in which breed would suit him best and which breeds I should “avoid” to keep it in my home remains harmonious. My current tomcat will soon be one year old and is a mix of British Shorthair and Bengal.

He definitely shows character traits of the BKH, but the character of the Bengal breed shows itself clearly more than that of the BKH. He is a rather less cuddly cat but he follows you everywhere and mostly wants to be with you, so more of a “passive” cat. He is also very active, playful and bright.

He is not at all shy of strangers and generally a hardly afraid cat.

Would a second Bengal tomcat make sense or which breed would be suitable for him?

Hello we reserved a cat two months ago and then picked it up about two weeks ago. The owner said it was a cat but we went to the vet today and it turned out to be a hangover. However, we absolutely wanted a cat.

What to do? It is a BKH. We don’t want him but he’s been with us for about two weeks.

Such a difficult decision.

Hello, I got a cat from the shelter. He is 7 months old, and very shy and reserved. He’s been to a foster home before and they said he couldn’t be touched. He also runs away when someone comes too close and then hisses. He likes to take treats and especially quark from his hand, but if you give him the slightest hint to come towards him with your hand, he jumps up in panic and runs away.

He feels comfortable in the house and is curious. He likes to sleep, rolls around on the carpet and plays with the cat rod. He’s even slept in my bed for one night, but I’m always dissatisfied with the situation because I don’t want him to be afraid of me. He can be seen in the picture.

What could I do to make him get rid of this fear and I can stroke or even brush him? I’m really at a loss, and I’m grateful for every answer.

I’m new here and hope someone can help me. My bro has had a hangover for a while (4 years old). He was separated from the cat mom too early and is a very shy and aloof cat. If I put food down for him, talk to him and go near him, he just looks at the food and runs away until nobody is really looking or is around, only then does he eat in peace. He is also very distant from everyone else in the family, except his owner.

We took advice and tried a lot, but because of the early separation of the mothers he is really “burdened”.

Now, since I was mini, I’ve totally loved cats! I would love to adopt a tomcat too. Now my brother has the following fear: Since his cat is so shy, he is afraid that he will not treat the new cat well (he will be kept in the house).

The cat is with my brother until around 8 p.m. (he has his own floor), then he comes to us.

I now had the following idea:

Let’s say my tomcat is called tomcat A and my brotherโ€™s is called tomcat B..

Tomcat A is kept with us until 8 p.m. Then he comes to me on the upper floor and I stay with him so that he is not alone. We then put a kind of “grate” on the stairs so that cat B cannot run upstairs.

Then, from 8 p.m., tom cat B is with my parents and can run around there without the other cat.

Would that be how it should be implemented? Sure, he would still smell something, right? I want him or her to have a great life, so I’ll ask!

The adoption wouldn’t be until the end of the year anyway.

I hope you can give me tips ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello, I have a cat at home, it is 5 years old and in a month we are going to get a little male when it is finally 12 weeks old. How can I best bring the two together? My cat is an indoor cat, but I often go out with her and we have a tomcat who is only outside but she already knows him. Do you think that could work if I let a baby hangover with my cat in the house ?

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