Flashed. What now?


Flashed. What now?

Since I was still in the probationary period and was flashed last year, I had to do an advanced seminar and my probationary period was extended to 4 years. Yesterday I was flashed again outside a built-up area, in the 80 zone with 108 km / h. What’s happening now ?

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If you are accused of exceeding 20 km / h too quickly, the second stage of the probationary period will come to you after the penalty notice becomes final; this is a recommendation to participate in a traffic psychological counseling, this participation is voluntary.

more does not happen, only with the next violation 🙂

calculate with about 100 € and one point.

You might just have been lucky. However, you seem to be incorrigible. One could also get the idea of ​​arranging an MPU.

I have no sympathy for such behavior. First learn to drive safely and understand that this means responsibility, not just for you. With 120 € and one point, in any case, if not a suspension. I hate it when others jostle, they think they can assess for me how much distance is enough.

Rags away and perk up, I would advocate. Far too much is happening and how often does it hit the innocent.

You probably don’t like the answer – grow up first.

What you wrote is not the answer to my question. before you write anything, you have to read the question correctly .

The answer is in the 2nd sentence. Obviously, until you are better off as a pedestrian, you worry more about the penalty than you would assume after the first few lessons.

I hope that you only drove 100 after deducting the speedometer tolerance and measurement tolerance – otherwise there will probably be a follow-up seminar, I guess

There is only one advanced seminar and that is the first measure of the probationary period.

If you have 2 violations before or during an advanced seminar, assuming 2x with 21kmh (or once too fast and once over red light) flashed too quickly in a row in 2 weeks, you will then immediately receive level 2, i.e. warning and participation in a traffic psychological conversation ? I only ask because I am interested, I am not driving that fast xD.

No, the second stage only takes place after the first measure has been completed.

So all other A and B violations that are collected before an order or during this can not permanently withdraw the certificate or MPU? Only when you have completed the seminar can the next level only come? That would only follow after the seminar, etc. if you were conspicuous again?

I thought you could get the MPU or the certificate for life immediately.

Only when you have completed the seminar can the next level come? That would only follow after the seminar, etc. if you were conspicuous again?

Correct, only after completion of level 1 (arrangement of advanced seminars and extension of the probationary period), level 2 (recommendation of traffic psychological advice) can take place.

similar questions.

Hello, unfortunately I was flashed today and that during my probationary period. In the dark I overlooked an 80 sign outside a town and, according to the speedometer, was 106 km / h. What consequences are threatening me now?

Recently I was flashed on April 28th, 2020 around 50zone with 68 km / h (outside of a built-up area)

am currently still in the trial period.

what will come to me? (NRW)

So I was flashed and had to surrender my driver’s license. Unfortunately that was 65 km / h on a country road that was throttled to 30 due to a construction site. That was actually an A violation and as far as I know I have to do an advanced seminar for an A violation if I am still in the probationary period.

However, my driver’s license has just been sent to me again after a month and the thing is done. Was I lucky and the thing was scheduled or something was changed in the rules ?

I got my driver’s license on 12.12.16 then had to attend an advanced seminar in 2018 because I was caught with a cell phone, my probationary period was extended to 2 years and I have one point. In April 2019 I was flashed too fast in town at 15 km / h, that was 25 € fine & now the question, I was flashed again last week in town, but I don’t know how much km / h, so I want to ask when my driver’s license would be lost ..

Hi in an 80s zone I drove 24kmh too veil. So 104kmh what awaits me as a punishment?

Hello, I’m currently in my probationary period and have completed an advanced seminar (drove too fast). I would normally be out of the probationary period this year, but today I was flashed 25 kmh too fast in town. What to expect?

Hello, maybe or maybe not I was flashed at about 51 to 54 km / h in a 30 zone.

I am in the trial period, but the car is insured on my parents.

Is there a chance that the fine will be issued to my parents or is it recognized that another driver was behind the wheel??

Thank you in advance for your answers.

I just wanted to ask if someone has already gained experience with having been flashed for the third time during the trial period (extended of course) at 21 or more km / h?

The first time you get the advanced seminar + trial period extension.

The second time you get a recommendation for the MPU and now the question arises what happens then.

Very likely the obligation to go to the MPU but the driver’s license will then also be withdrawn or what else can you expect?

I was flashed in a 30 zone at around 40 km / h; there was no more. What do I have to expect now? Advanced seminar or warning fee, etc.?

Assuming you are in the trial period and are flashed 5 times (all under 21 km / h)

the trial period will be extended?

I was flashed at 124 km / h outside built-up areas in June. 100 were allowed now I only got my warning money or the penalty of 90 € and 1 point in October and nothing else is on my letter.

According to the new catalog of fines from September 2019, consequences are only expected from 26 km / h, so my question now is: Did I not get an advanced seminar or an extension of the probationary period because of this, or will I get it?

Today I was flashed with about 130 on the highway in the 100 zone. I’m still in the trial period, what can I expect?

Hello, I’ve only had my driver’s license for a year and was flashed 2 days ago, in a 50 zone, I think I was too fast between 21-25 km / h, definitely not faster. I’ve never been conspicuous, what’s happening to me now.

Was lasered at 18 km / h too fast on a 120 zone. I’m still in the trial period.

ask I get a point according to the new fine and also a driving ban?

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