Does someone know a line or a good meme for the end of a presentation on law and prosecutor?


Knows a saying or a good meme for the end of a presentation on law and the public prosecutor?

Can also be general about laws or law.

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The right, pursued to the extreme, becomes the extreme injustice!

If one were to study all laws, one would have no time to break them – Goethe β€œThe reason why the ten commandments are so short and logical is that they came about without the involvement of lawyers.

similar questions.

Hello πŸ™‚ I will give a presentation soon. Do you think I can use this meme (see picture) for this or does it seem disrespectful? I find that these smileys at the end of such a presentation get boring over time because everyone uses them. Do you have any other ideas?

Many thanks for your help. Lg πŸ™‚

Does anyone know a good name for an Insta memepage.

-The name should be easy to remember.

-it should start with (meme.).

-It should seem interesting to people.

My current name is meme.bigblackman because I just thought of something better I hope you can help me.

Good afternoon everyone. I am 16 years old and am currently in the tenth grade of a high school. I’m about to graduate from high school, but I still have a few uncertainties about my future. Studying law has always been my dream, but unlike most of you, I don’t want to end up as a lawyer, but as a prosecutor. And now I come to my question.

How does such a law degree work? How many semesters + state examination do I have to successfully complete in order to be able to apply as a public prosecutor?

thank you in advance.

The person should feel addressed as soon as possible by the saying.

Does anyone know a meme or saying that is against people who only have depri sayings in the status 24/7? Turning away for you all the time to read the status of the girls in those posts.

We have now completed our presentation on child labor and need a slide and a good final sentence.

But we don’t want to make this “blunt” as: “We hope you enjoyed our presentation.” You may have good ideas??

LG. Anko and “The Friend Without a Name”

I’m looking for a line that says roughly the same as.

“All’s well that ends well.”

but which does not contain the word “end”.

Do you know one?

I’m going to buy a zippo with an engraving so everyone knows a good saying that goes for a zippo ?

Write a letter to a girlfriend at the time. I want to give her another line so that if she is sad or life doesn’t go as planned, she still has this line from me. Does anyone know a good saying?

AND make mistakes in life.

This is about the fact that gerrit and somebody else (I think robert wars) had to go to a seminar. They didn’t feel like it. Suddenly there was a hostage situation, etc. They found out that the public prosecutor is angry and wants to emigrate.

In the end it turns out that this was just a rehearsal arranged by the prosecutor. The other two commissioners had seen the same thing before.

I hope I can help somebody. I once heard it in a meme, but I can’t remember it (text and name, I only remember that the title consisted of one word and began with M). As absurd as it sounds now, I need your help!

It was a newer song just so trap moderately (but please don’t limit yourself to it) Well, have a nice evening xD.

We are looking for a suitable saying / motto for our men’s evening every month. Does anyone know a good one? Thank you.

so it goes i-like so .. there is a point in life where you notice which friend eman had and which ones stay forever or something .. somebody knows this saying completely?

hey I’m looking for a saying that describes the topic that true friends also hate your enemies or something: D knows someone there?

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