Do you want tax increases?


Do you want tax increases?

Refugees, climate change, corona, housing shortage. life has become dear.

the more I ask the question, the more the YES bar grows.

The result is based on 54 votes.

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12 answers.

I’ve only been working for the tax office for several months a year.

If the “gentlemen” should stop throwing billions out of the window uselessly, then it fits.

EVERY public procurement is ultimately at least 40% more expensive than “planned”. For every shit, consultants need to tap into millions, because the resort managers have the right party book, but have no idea about boobs and bubbles.

And a Mr. Scheuer blows over half a billion, although he knew that he should NOT have signed any contracts for the “toll”. and . Nevertheless.

How was that with the Gorch Fock? Or how expensive is Airport BER for the taxpayer. and and and.

No, I don’t need an increase – it comes anyway.

No, no tax increases, but an abolition of the contribution assessment ceiling in social insurance.

But since this is not so easy there> social insurance, abolition of this and conversion to a social contribution or the like.

Because supposedly we are a solidarity community – but there it cannot be that someone is currently with 20,000 € / month. has just as much social security as someone who “only” has € 6,900 a month!!

Ergo share of social security contributions at € 20,000 approx. 5.93% at € 6,900 but 17.74%.

Social justice included: 0.00%!!

If it were done like this – we would have no problems with the pension and health “insurance”.

But our politicians do not want that, they are among the earners who also belong to the € 20,000 clientele (and whose many “part-time jobs” also have a “taste”).

Apart from regional / local politicians, who are often expected to do their work on a voluntary basis – also an absurdity.

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