Do you know a manga that is similar to [Atelier of Witch Hat]?


Do you know a manga that is similar to [Atelier of Witch Hat]??

It would be best if the manga is finished and it is in German.

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When it comes to witches: I loved the little witch academia. The story was really good and would have been completed in German with 3 volumes. It’s about a young girl named Akko who would like to become a witch but does not come from any witch family or cannot use magic.

Almost like with Coco πŸ™‚

similar questions.

Jo folks, I wanted to ask if anyone knew where to read Black Clover. It would be best in German. I wanted to start with the manga because I really wanted to know how it will go on.

I would be very grateful if you could give me tips on where to read other manga.

Does any of you know a Yaoi Manga that has similarities in drawing style and story with the Mangas Cherry blossom after Winter or Here u are?

It would be best if you can read them on

I wanted to order the Manga Adventure of Sinbad but couldn’t find it anywhere. Do you know where I can buy it? (Best in German English is also ok)

Does anyone know of a Shonen Manga that is completed in 1 or 2 volumes?

Look for good horror manga in German (best available on Amazon: 3). Can be any kind of horror (splatter, psycho etc.). And preferably not too short (preferably 8-15 bands).

I have already checked the verse manga pages, it only ever goes up to volume 23. Although there are already 54 volumes in English.

Would be cool if someone told me if there were any translations yet.

Ps: Is the manga complete?

Is there a page where I can read the High School of the Dead Manga in German.

Does anyone know similar?

Preferably also with an emphasis on the supernatural.

Hello, can you buy the manga “Please Dont Bully Me, Nagatoro” in Germany? It would be best if it were in German, but English is also possible.

I wanted to know if the magical girl of the end manga is completely in German and where I can buy it. I would also be interested in whether I can buy the manga at the age of 14.

To all anime / manga fans out there: does anyone know the cool anime Angels of Death?

If so: Where can you watch it in German or with German subtitles and another language??

Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

Hii, I’m looking for similar Manga or Manhwa like Killing Stalking, it would be best if you could read it in German.

Thanks in advance ^^

I started the manga for a while (so after the anime end) but wanted to ask jz if it is even finished? Or will I cry again at the end that nothing comes (like the third season of the anime)?

Hello my love.

I’m currently reading the Witch Hunter manga and stopped at Chapter 13. I know about the tape and not that much. I have read it online so far but I could also buy it as a paperback for on the go.

I found this page:

I wanted to ask whether this is German and whether it is at least at chapter 13 and of course whether it goes further. (I hope you understand what I mean. Everything has just been written strangely: /). If that is not the right paperback, I would like to know where to buy the right one. (So ​​that I don’t read everything up to chapter 13 again, but continue reading).

Should it e.g. only go to chapter 15 or so for paperback books (not far from 13) I would like to know where I can buy the next paperback to read.

Ps: I don’t know anything about the stuff. Witch Hunter is the first manga I read, I had watched other manga as anime (except for 3 other mangas).

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