Do the conductors on the train check the ticket during the Corona period?


The conductors on the train check the ticket during the Corona period?

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7 answers.

Yes, I have seen a lot of controls lately. However, proximity is avoided as much as possible. B that with chip cards the code is scanned from a little further away.

With me every day. But at first they didn’t do it because almost no one drove well. Control is now back to normal.

Of course they do, anything else would be absolute madness.

The times of fare dodging are over.

They not only check the tickets, they also do a mask check. And that didn’t even exist at Carnival before. : D.

unfortunately can not get rid of the shit🤮 (Carnival)

similar questions.

So today I was sitting on the train and the conductor came and I got a student monthly ticket with an authorization yesterday but I haven’t had the authorization filled out by my school (and today I don’t want another ticket for almost Buy 6 euros because I already paid 90 yesterday for the monthly ticket) anyway, the conductor wrote a B on my ticket this morning and threatened me that if I see her on the train again that week I would have to pay 40.

What does the B on the card mean??

Can I still use the ticket with the completed authorization??

Can the conductor threaten me like that at all??

When I recently drove towards Regensburg with the Agilis, I was checked, so far so good. I had my bike with me, I’m 14 and ridden with a ticket that is 7-14 years old. The guy said boy you drive black i said this is a valid ticket ?! He but the bike but taking the bike is free.

In any case, he said he would let it go.

My question that Qäult me ​​was the guy right? The route was Obertraubling-> Regensburg.

I drove to school this morning. I still had my card, but when I got back from school, my card was no longer there, and a conductor was on the way to the right place in the right place. Now I wanted to have a new card replaced.

According to the conductor, I should show the ticket because the conductor didn’t believe I still had it.

Question: Where can I show the card now? I don’t have a service center in town? Can I show it to a conductor on the train and give him this processing fee?

In addition, I don’t know whether the card is transferable, otherwise I’ll have to pay the sch ** 60 euros.

It didn’t happen, but can a conductor do something about it? If so what? He can’t get my food down or throw me off the train.

Hello. When I buy a ticket without a specific train connection. Can I get to my destination station on a different route if there is no other train running at the same time as the route on my ticket? Example: train ticket to Mannheim ICE bought via Mainz.

But could I just drive via Frankfurt if there is no ICE crossing Main at the time? Start and finish don’t change!

The conductor woke me up on the train and I only slept because of tickets, but I have an annual ticket. Is he allowed to do that?

Whenever I am checked by controllers on the train, I get palpitations, so I always show my ticket with trembling hands.

Why is that, you feel the same way?

A month ago I bought a ticket for there and back at the DB customer center (long-haul, ICE), how is it currently with Corona or generally with the validation? Unfortunately, I have no idea. For long-haul tickets, the tickets are given by the controllers and how does it work?

Hello. I’ve been taking the train almost every day for the first time in a month. I noticed something funny. When the train stops at the platforms, the conductor often takes a quick look outside and then goes back inside. That always looks fun.

Why are they doing this? Does that have an important reason or are they doing the “just like that”?

My buddy bought a ticket from one place to another and then had to run to the train on the way he lost the ticket and we were checked on the train. What can he do? Theoretically he had lost one but you can somehow talk your way out of it or the one where he checked has recorded his data address separately.

you have a ticket, valid for one day, only for the one-way trip, you get on the train at the front, the train stops somewhere in the middle of the route, you get off, walk backwards, get back on the train at the back and drives on.

In practice, you drove part of the route twice.

From a purely legal point of view, is that permissible??

I wanted to ask if you can take a train with a friend, her ticket, if you can.

Hello! I haven’t ridden an IC / ICE for a long time. I know from earlier (2-3 years ago) that at that time you could still buy train tickets directly from the conductor (albeit a bit more expensive). is that still possible? or do I have to look for the conductor as soon as I get on the train, otherwise I will be classified as a fare dodger? So I’m not talking about local traffic but about IC 🙂

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