Deutsche Bahn trains to Prague despite closed borders?


Deutsche Bahn trains to Prague despite closed borders?

The Czech Republic has closed its borders. Nevertheless, there are train connections with the arrival or transfer point Prague. How is that possible?

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The trains run safely, the limits are not 100%, just someone stands there.

Controls on the train are exactly the same as at the borders.

There will be a curfew from October 22, 2020, except for trips to work, family, the doctor or shopping. Walks and outdoor sports are allowed.

Tourist and visiting trips to the Czech Republic are not possible from October 22 to November 3, 2020. Entry into the Czech Republic is only possible for necessary undisclosable reasons – for more please see:

Sebnitz is right on the border and Dolny pustevna begins right behind it. The border tree is always at the top and has been guarded every few months. From customs.

We were only there in June. My husband picks up our junior from Thursday. He moves back again.

He’s now downstairs with officials from CZ and D..

Actually he wanted to spend the night Dolny again and bring something with him from there Chilli-hot peppers (delicious in innocent light green), socks and a cozy jacket.

We decided at the beginning of October that he wouldn’t go over there.

Closing the borders does not mean that no one is allowed into the country.

How is that to be understood? How is it checked and which exceptions apply?

similar questions.

I wanted to know if you can buy fireworks (mainly from Poland) all year round in prague. In the Czech Republic at the borders of the Czech market THAT goes. Is that also possible in prague that you can buy there polenböller etc. (all year round), if so where. If possible, call him what he is called.

Thanks everyone.

Tomorrow we are going from Austria to Prague as a final trip from school. We’re going with a Flixbua. However, I only realized today that I couldn’t find my passport! How strictly are controls at the borders with the Czech Republic?

Should I stay at home or will I somehow “come in”?

Is it possible to inquire about the costs of a train connection in the past by telephone or at the Deutsche Bahn travel agency or do they even have this information? The way I saw it, it doesn’t seem to be possible online.

Does anyone know a train simulator game where you have trains from Deutsche Bahn and that is more like a sandbox? So that I can, for example, couple a regional train to an ICE.

Thank you in advance: 3.

Hello, I’m going to Prague for a week with 3 colleagues in April and we really want to let the pig out !

Thought maybe someone had some well-intentioned tips for us. We are all around 20 years old on average and want to “get to know” as many women as possible.

What is important to know / know and what other advice do you have ?

thanks in advance.

I have to do a two-week student internship next year. Can you do this as a train attendant at Deutsche Bahn? And if so, someone has experience with how it is?

From 2023 the trains are to run partially automated at Deutsche Bahn. therefore 1000 train drivers are currently being dismissed without notice.

but how does it work from then on? how do they drive alone?

Is there a possibility that another train company will be at the forefront of passenger traffic? Or is the German rail competition going on?

other companies like Apple or Samsung or Mercedes Audi have to compete with you almost every year.

But at Deutsche Bahn I only know them alone .. of course there are 1.2 trains that you have already seen but in the German Bahn level / traffic network it seems to me as if they are the only ones without competition.

It’s just annoying when I’m on the Deutsche Bahn side and I always have to press the mouse from the departure line to the arrival line, someone knows whether there is a key combination that I no longer have to press with the mouse, but can simply “jump” with the keyboard? (generally jump to the lines not only for the side of the deutsche bahn)

I would really like to do a year abroad, but I would like to spend my year abroad in a more “exotic” country, which I don’t learn language in school and which is not that widespread (i.e. not USA, England, France or Spain). I would also like to use this year to learn the language of this country as best I can, because I don’t know it yet. In Germany I would of course repeat the class because I don’t think that I will be particularly good at school if I don’t know the language of the country at the beginning. I would like to go to the Czech Republic, Prague would of course be great, but basically I don’t care where, because normally you can’t choose that.

Now I’ve checked the internet but the big exchange organizations only offer years abroad in countries like the usa, canada, england, spain, france, etc., but not in smaller countries like the czech republic or iceland or something like that. Now I would like to know if you know an organization that offers a year abroad in the Czech Republic or where I can find something? 🙂

trains canceled because of illness of lock leader? If I have a ticket with a specific train connection, then this is a contract?

Deutsche Bahn trains run normally at Silverster. because wanted to go to a friend in the morning or in the afternoon.

I would like to take the ICE on October 3rd (German Unity Day). Therefore I wanted to ask if there are trains and if the times are changing. I have already checked the Internet directly at Deutsche Bahn and also checked the departure and arrival times for the day.

Are these correct then? And what about the buses and trams?

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