Confirmation – clothing as a guest.


Confirmation – clothing as a guest.

my friend has her confirmation in spring, and I am invited.

But I’m not sure what to wear. We’ll probably party at her home after that, so I would see a dress as very exaggerated (especially since almost all of her relatives are older people who are sure not to wear a dress.

I don’t like to wear blouses though (especially not with a skirt).

I hope you can help me.

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Put on something you don’t feel disguised in. You have to feel comfortable personally. It doesn’t matter what the old relatives say.

They don’t put on dresses or skirts that pinch.

You can also combine nice pants with a blouse or top. Put a short jacket over it and you’re already festively dressed.

Don; t worry so much. if you’re partying at home, you don’t have to wear a dress or blouse. Can you e.g. also wear a denim skirt and a chic top.

put on what you feel comfortable with. if it is a dress it is so and the relatives have to come to terms with it. personally, i wear a dress on every occasion. Just buy a cute one, maybe not that flashy. So then not floor length or something. have fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice jeans do it too, maybe you also have other tops, can also be short-sleeved (but nice) and top with a blazer or a nice jacket?

similar questions.

Hello, I will soon be invited to a confirmation and wanted to ask if you can wear a white dress as a guest, because you shouldn’t wear white at a wedding as a guest and wanted to know if you can wear a white dress as a guest at the confirmation ?

Does this dress fit as a guest for a confirmation or is it too “summery” and “too little” elegant??

I’m soon invited to a confirmation and you go to church beforehand and I wanted to know. Maybe someone has experience with whether you can go with this dress? A friend said that one is thrown out of the church so often.

I still have a blazer over it. What do you think it’s too sexy for a confi?

Good morning community,

At the beginning of May my friend’s little sister will have her confirmation and I am invited. I’m a Catholic myself, so I don’t really know what to wear. More elegant in a suit or something more casual.

Thanks for the answers.

Hello, what do girls usually wear to a confirmation? Which colors? How long should the clothes be? What alternatives are there to a dress / skirt?

What did you wear to your confirmation?

I am invited to a confirmation and wonder what to wear. Should you dress really chic or is it up to you??

So I have a white dress that looks like the one in the photo and without a belt. But since the person celebrating their confirmation wears black, I don’t want to attract more attention than they do in a white dress. Wear it?

Or do you have experience with it and know something better? Thanks in advance !. lg Caro ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m going to a confirmation in April. I wanted to buy this dress for it. However, I’ve never been to a confi and therefore don’t know whether this dress is over-, underdressed or suitable.

Thanks for an answer.

Hey, I’m about to be invited to a confirmation by a young man;) As a guest, is it allowed to wear a white dress or isn’t it? It’s a plain white dress by Zara, knee-length. Would want to pair it with a black cardigan so I’m not all white.

Thanks a lot in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

A friend invited me to her confirmation, but I don’t know what to wear. At my confi she was wearing a blouse with a skirt. So I can’t wear it. I would like to put on my “high” blue shoes. Unfortunately I don’t have anything that goes with it.

So I have to go shopping, but first I have to know what and which color. What can you wear high heels with? Thanks in advance๐Ÿ’—

Hello, I was invited to a friend’s confirmation, but I don’t know what to wear as a guest. Please help.

Hello dear people,

In May I was invited to the confirmation of the daughter of my fatherโ€™s girlfriend (almost family) and unfortunately I have hardly any suitable clothes in the closet. The announcement of the dress code is “casual”. I am sure that I will wear a dress / skirt. Now I don’t want to buy a dress that I’ll never wear again afterwards, so I should like it (but it shouldn’t cost more than 30 โ‚ฌ).

I would also like to wear something light (i.e. not “classic black, dark blue, etc.).

Now your assessment: is something light suitable? Is one of the dresses here or one of the skirts (with a white top) suitable or are they not all too festive? Otherwise, can you give me a tip (with a link if you like)?

For your information: I don’t worry about a dress code in church (“We don’t want to talk about textiles, we want to talk about texts!”), Only about the one in the family. : D.

Thank you in advance. LG;)

Hello, first of all, I’m still relatively new to this platform and hope to get an answer. In any case, my question is whether I can wear this dress (see picture) as a guest at my best friend’s confirmation or whether it e.g. It would not be appropriate in the church because of the color or length (the dress goes up to the knees).

For me, the dress is a little tighter than in the model example.

thank you in advance!

Hi, my girlfriend will be confirmed next Sunday and I am invited to dinner afterwards. If you put on a dress (I don’t like dresses that much, so I only wear a completely black one with transparent black flowers) or normal clothes?

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