Commitment cancellation?


Commitment cancellation?

Hello, I applied for a position in public administration and passed the aptitude test. This is followed by the interview. The conversation went pretty well at the beginning, but towards the end, when some questions were asked about politics, I couldn’t answer a few questions. Now my question: does it matter that I could not answer some questions?

Can I expect a rejection sooner? And how quickly is the acceptance or rejection in the public administration as an administrator?

thank you in advance.

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depends on what exactly they asked and how you acted. If those were a few questions that should really be general education and you only answer with “I don’t know, I don’t know” and possibly also convey the “I don’t care” impression, it doesn’t look so good now. But if it is so that it seems that you already know your way around politics and also follow current events and you are now just a few little things not quite so familiar, your chances are still there.

So e.g. When asked who our Federal President is, the answer “Angela Merkel” would be very bad, but if you spontaneously do not know in which year Helmut Kohl was elected Chancellor, it will not be judged that bad, especially not, if you can roughly place it in time.

I would say it depends on the questions. If they are part of general education, it is of course bad if you cannot answer them. If they were more party-specific, it shouldn’t be a problem, as the administration should remain politically neutral anyway.

it’s up to you, mostly promises are made at the same time,

and you can’t have every question right;) unless you are really sure.

Well there were questions about the city council and tasks of the mayor etc. So the chances are rather bad 🙁

similar questions.

I’m sitting on coals.

I had an interview today which went well in itself. Only when the question came up “Do you have any more questions?” I didn’t have any more because all that I had written down were clarified beforehand in a conversation. The HR manager was really nice.

But somehow I have the feeling: “Ouch, that was nothing”. They want to get in touch by December 22nd, but I’m afraid they will be rejected. What to do?

I will soon have the oral aptitude test (group task and individual interview) in the public service to become an administrative administrator. Can someone tell me what to expect there, how it works, etc.?

I had an interview a few weeks ago. You usually get a rejection in writing, right? And a confirmation by phone?

What experiences have you made?

Can someone give me an answer?

Had aptitude test on October 2, but still got no answer. 2 friends of mine also took part in the recruitment test. The colleague who applied for the same job as me received a rejection and was asked if he wanted to apply for something else.

The other one applied for something else and received an invitation to an interview. Should I get in touch with the company and ask or wait. If so, by phone or email?

I had an interview at a university on Thursday last week. I was told they will be in touch this week. But nobody has registered until today.

I feel like someone else got the job. Since my knowledge of English is not particularly good. Was a problem .

Could any of you please explain to me how an application process in the public service works, why it takes so long and when you usually get an acceptance or rejection after an interview?

The invitation to the interview came quickly, but now it takes time .

I was invited to an interview by a company yesterday by phone. And today I received an email that they cannot consider my application. Is that a rejection or an acceptance for an interview??

I applied to a regional bank a good month ago, after which I took an aptitude test, passed it and after my interview I got a rejection. Is it normal for a company, after a rejection, to want to contact me by phone to give me feedback on the conversation?

I have 2 questions:

Is there always an interview after an application or is it company dependent? Do you get acceptance for the apprenticeship before or after the interview? In other words: the companies want to get a clearer picture of you through an interview and then you get the acceptance or is that usually so that you get the acceptance first and the interview is just an addition to get to know each other in real life?

And when do you find out about a possible hiring / employment or commitment.

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