Central locking Mercedes 190e?


Central locking Mercedes 190e?

Just wanted to ask what can be broken with the central locking. The car is from 1983.

A door was pulled from the interior when the door was locked with the central locking. Front right relatively at the same time as locking. (Door now sometimes closes, sometimes not)

In the back right it was pulled, so where it was already closed. This door no longer closes.

Can that be because of the pulling on a locked door or is that something else? What can have broken?

The thing is that it closed at the moment, but not at home anymore.

I would appreciate an answer and possible solution ideas or something similar.

2 answers.

In the door there is a locking mechanism regulated with negative pressure, this air bellows has a crack, so it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. Or not at all.

The whole lock has to be replaced because the air bellows are not available individually.

So hm, it can’t come by pulling?

But why is it no longer after pulling, of all times? coincidence?

That is coincidence. For me it was like that when I closed the door mechanically from the inside and then opened it again from the inside, all the doors opened. Sometimes it would open when I turned the central lock but didn’t close it.

Alright thanks!

In your W123, the central locking system is normally still controlled by negative pressure. I would rather go on it that the vacuum hose in the kink from the door to the body is leaking.

Is a W201 first year of construction.

OK is true. But he has the same ZV suffer. Allegedly you could even crack the tennis ball with a cut open.

Ah all right thanks ^^

But do you think that it can come from pulling or is age-related?

Before that it was still possible?

similar questions.

Or could that be another cheaper problem.

Hey, the key for the central locking is under repair, if I lock the door manually on the driver’s side now, the passenger door will still be open, so it won’t close??

is there something broken or huh? auto is Opel corsa c “njoy” 2003.

Thanks in advance!

Hello! Yesterday I had to find out that one of the rear doors of my Polo (built in 2010) no longer locks, all other doors work perfectly. What could that be and is it very expensive?

Thanks for your help.

With our opel zafira B, the door on the right rear side neither opened nor closed for a while. Today when we wanted to check the fuse and pulled it out, it seemed to be ok then when we put it in, the whole central locking went no more, ie with the remote control, the doors neither opened nor closed, only the driver’s door could be opened manually and the trunk flap still worked. the switches inside do not work either, so the doors cannot be opened. what could the problem be? It cannot be because of the fuse that it seemed to be in order. I would appreciate quick answers 🙂

I have a problem with my 1998 Ford Fiesta. The central locking / locking system for the doors is crazy. I’ll try to explain: The lock always closes twice in a row. That means it unlocks and immediately – without a break – closes again. In one through, so to speak.

The door can no longer be opened. It doesn’t matter whether I use the remote control or the key.

What can I do there?

My car hasn’t been locked with the key since this morning. When I put my key in the driver’s lock of the door and turn around to close the bolt, the bolt goes down and up again I have also tried it on the passenger and trunk door and it doesn’t work at all until a little, that is, if it closes, only those close both rear doors driver and passenger stay open locks I have already oiled that worked for a short time and now it doesn’t work anymore that’s the problem and yes, now there are technical details: the car is a Mazda 323 built in 2000, saloon, 88 hp.

I am faced with a phenomenon and am at a loss (as are 2 car mechanic friends!). As usual, I have my Passat 3C Variant with 2 keys including a remote control for the central locking. One remote control has had dropouts for some time.

Sometimes it only unlocks the driver’s door and sometimes no door at all – sometimes it works perfectly. We haven’t noticed any problems with locking. The other FFB works fine!

I’ve already changed the battery in the key.

Question: What can be the reason that only one remote control is crazy? How can it be that when the central locking is activated only one door is unlocked? Why are there problems only when unlocking and not when locking?

And why does it only affect one of the two keys? And the crucial question – how can it be fixed inexpensively?

Unfortunately, my understanding stops there, because for me (see questions) components come together that just don’t fit together. So I hope for your support!

Many thanks for your help! Greetings Borno96.

The central locking does not work on my old Polo (built in 2000) (no radio) (5 doors)

That means if I lock from the driver’s side only the driver’s door closes (mechanically), otherwise nothing can be heard from the central locking, but if I close the door from the passenger’s side, then all doors close!

What can that be? Cable break, door lock. What can I do?

I am a layman in this field but still want to try to get it done without expensive mechanics!

Hi folks, I have an Audi A4 B5 1.8 with 125 hp. For a while now I’ve had a strange problem with the ZV. First of all, I don’t have a remote control.

When I unlock the driver’s door, the other doors need a “second of thought”. When I open the door, the alarm system goes off and it only goes out when I lock / unlock the door on the passenger side. It doesn’t matter whether I close again, start the engine or whatever. So far so good. However, sometimes only the driver’s door opens when unlocking and nothing else.

Then I have to go to the passenger side and lock and unlock again. I really don’t know what the problem could be and I can’t find anything on the Internet, because it only happens sometimes and not all the time.

I hope someone can help me.

Hello, my ZV works, but only not on the driver’s side, so I always have to go to the door with the key to open it. However, it can be closed easily at the push of a button. What can I do to fix it? Should I let a specialist do it or do it myself? (: D)

I’m a student (mechanical engineering) and would like to take care of the matter myself and don’t have that much money to have it repaired.

I have a Peugeot 307 2001 (100kw / 136PS) Sport.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t help me that much..

I suspect that a part that opens the door doesn’t work, it won’t be due to the servomotor, because otherwise it won’t close?

I still have to say that when I close it and want to open it again it sometimes works (so sometimes it opens, but most of the time it stays closed and has to open it myself)

Hello, I drive an Opel Vectra B 2.0 16v Bj. 96 and have problems with the central locking system. The ZV worked without further ado, but the last time I tried to lock it by remote control nothing happened. I then tried to lock with the key, but then only the driver’s door closes, nothing happens to all other doors.

I checked all possible fuses, I re-trained the radio remote control, and meanwhile I have already installed a “new” control unit (used on ebay according to the seller, fully functional) control unit of the central locking system, but the central locking system is still not working. Does the new control unit have to be programmed to match my car? Are there any other sources of error such as a broken cable in a door.

Anyone have an idea?

For information, when the error occurred the first time, the interior lighting was on when the door was closed, as it was late in the evening I disconnected the battery overnight to prevent it from discharging, when I reconnected the battery, the interior lighting was off and working since then again without any problems. Thank you in advance for answering my questions.

I have a Golf 4 1.8 bj 98. The car is equipped with central locking with radio.

When I lock the car, the pins on the doors go down. At the rear right door, however, the pin goes up again immediately. If I press the close symbol on the remote control 1-2 times, the pin stays down.

It rarely works the first time it is closed. When I open the car again, the pin goes up but immediately goes down again and the door cannot be opened. Even pressing it several times is of no use here.

The other doors are also sometimes affected by the problem, but not often.

Hello everyone, I recently started driving a 1007 and I can handle it well. Opening it at the push of a button is very cool. Press once and the car will be unlocked and the door will open. When closing it is unfortunately the case that I first have to wait until the door is closed and then lock it.

Hence the question: Is there a possibility (also for retrofitting) to close the doors by pressing the locking button and then to lock the car immediately?

Thanks in advance.

In a Mercedez C 180, BJ 94 limousine, the trunk does not open when you want to open it from the driver’s lock. It only opens when you press the lock on the trunk. But only if you turn the key from the vertical position to the 45 degree position to the right.

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