Can you recommend an article from the daily press that you have been critical of?


Can you recommend an article from the daily press that you have observed critically?

At the moment I am dealing with all kinds of reports from websites or newspapers etc. that do not fulfill the actual tasks of information journalism => in other words: • It is not reported factually.

• Journalists incorporate prejudice and personal opinions.

• unanswered questions; important information is left out.

• False statements, hardly any evidence, etc..

• poorly researched, no analysis of the facts.

——> Could you recommend an article that was published today or will appear tomorrow (10/29/20).

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Take a look at the article, several newspapers were checked for false news:

similar questions.

One knows serious and impartial reports from newspapers, journalists, publicists, politicians, etc. who report factually and truthfully in relation to Putin and his politics (e.g. the Ukraine conflict).

DISCLAIMER: This is not about agitation, discrimination, conspiracy or my political convictions. And not yours either. I don’t really care.

Here is not necessarily the place for political discussions of principle.

So to the question: I do not want to comment on the AfD, but I would agree with you in saying that the media in Germany is politically more left-wing. In the same way, left attitudes and opinions are represented on social networks and media (or does it just seem like that in my filter bubble?) And there are also significantly fewer authors / artists / Youtubers / editors / journalists etc etc who are more conservative or right (NOT right-wing extremists). I would also agree with the AfD that they are deliberately portrayed in a more negative way than they are (which does not mean that I like them or not, just stay factual)

I also have the statement from Ralf Ruthe in my head that “” such people “almost never have people with creative talent among them” (something like ^^).

But why? If you look at the election results of the last time / the last few years, then such views should be represented. Why is this not or only rarely the case?

Hey, I wanted to ask if someone can recommend a graffiti shop that is inexpensive and has good items. Which cans should I get and which pens for fill-in. And which brand is generally good? =)

Hello dear community, I will soon be giving a talk about a myth, in my case werewolf =). Now I have been looking for explanations for this myth and have come across a disease called lycanthropy. I find some pages with well “mystical” explanations and some about the history of the disease.

But now I would like to find more scientific evidence and explanations for the disease. So what parts of the brain it affects etc. Could you recommend a site where I can find more detailed information or do you have experience with it yourself?

I would like to understand the disease better. =) Thanks for the feedback =) GLG blue.

Hello I’m watching all 3 programs. Personally, I think medical detectives are the best. I wanted to know what you think is best, and what you would not recommend everyone to watch at night (fear, etc.) Thanks in advance.

I am a big fan of series and films and for this reason I am always looking for merchandise items. Well, I’m currently working on action figures, so I’m asking how I can actually find out whether individual figures are originals or plagiarism.

For example, the internet is teeming with walking dead action figures. From Amazon etc. I can’t figure out which ones belong to the series and which don’t.

I also find action figures in series like Prison Break, Breaking Bad, One Piece, even from artists like Eminem or 2Pac, but I’m absolutely not sure which figures are real merchandise items or have been well processed. There are action figures for all kinds of things. After all, I don’t want to spend any money on fakes. Pokemon etc. is also extremely strong stylistically, but there are figures from hundreds, if not thousands, of providers.

You’ve got me stumped.

is there a good book / article that you can recommend to me? I need scientific articles about it, nothing that someone has written about it on the Internet.

Do you call Qui, Quand and what they are all called in French as in German Article? Thank you.

I would like to improve my German. Unfortunately I have a lot of grammar mistakes.

Can often not determine the article and etc especially with exams it is very annoying; (. I also try to read a lot but it doesn’t really help somehow (don’t know if it’s because I only read fictitious)

Do you know what I can do about it? Can you possibly recommend books that really help me or learning sites?

Sincerely, Jazmeem: D.

Which articles can you particularly recommend to me that can be bought at Lidl and Aldi??

If I chat with someone about the price etc. and get the money, send the article, and then simply delete the article from the clothing circle. Then I don’t pay a fee, do I? Or is that not allowed?

why do you write down most of the city names without articles and others??

Example: “in the Netherlands” and “in Switzerland” and more often without articles such as “in Germany”, “in Spain”, etc..

I would like to return an item that I bought at MediaMarkt before Christmas Eve. I still have receipts etc..

How old do you have to be at least to be able to return an item??

As it now turned out, not only Assange but also all of his visitors – including journalists from the NDR – were bugged and video-monitored by US intelligence services during his stay in the embassy.

Why is that not making waves? Seems like quite a scandal to me.

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