Can you drink crush ice?


Can you drink crush ice?

Hi i want to do slush and i need a lot of ice cubes because i am doing it for my birthday party. I thought of crushed ice because I think there are a lot of them and they are already crushed. Can you drink that??

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Crushed ice is especially intended for cocktails and is “crushed” much smaller than ice cubes. So there is nothing wrong with chopping it up and then consuming it. Whether you “eat” it as ice or drink it melted in a cocktail.

Will not work like that.

What you plan to do is pour crushed ice with syrup.

The production works the other way around. Water with syrup is frozen slowly and steadily stirring.

similar questions.

Dear community, when I make a smoothie with fruits and add the ice cream, it becomes creamier?

Where can I get crushed ice or ice cubes? I know at the gas station they often have it, but mostly expensive. does anyone of you know whether you can get ice cream at LIDL, PLUS (Netto), Edeka etc. ?

Hello you out there – I am the new owner of a slush ice machine – but unfortunately there is no indication in the product description / instructions or on the syrup bottles as to how many days I can leave the mixture in the machine and sell it. Can someone give me some information?

I’ve done slusheis several times now. I put ice cubes with a little syrup in the mixer. Now the syrup is empty.

Is that possible with cola, etc. Does it taste good at all? And it is as intense as with the syrup.

Hi, I have a question. Does anyone of you know how to make this Cola slush / freezing ice cream, I saw it on Youtube, the Cola turns into ice in a few seconds! And can you do that with Sprite?

Does anyone know exactly how that works? Thanks in advance.

Is it allowed to drink alcohol on an ICE from Frankfurt to Cologne or is it only allowed to transport it in closed bottles? Special additional rules apply in this regard during Covid-19?

Maybe someone can tell me how to make crushed ice yourself.

So far I’ve taken normal ice cubes and wrapped them in a towel and tried to beat them up. But it’s not exactly the ultimate kind, because the ice then sticks to the cloth.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Am I allowed to take off my mask in the ice to eat and drink, despite the mask being required?

I have a question about Beko’s fridge-freezer (V322 PX). My friend and I recently bought a side-by-side with an ice cube or crush ice function. We can use the ice cube function without any problem, but crushed ice is not used. πŸ™

Because I don’t feel like contacting the unfriendly Bekos service center anymore, I would ask you if any of you have any idea.

Thank you very much for your attention!!;)

Hello everyone, I’m just thinking about which machines (food, drink.) There are. So something like slush ice machine, chocolate fountain or something else.

Ideas please in the answers and if you know then please write how much something like that costs β˜ΊπŸ˜…

I feel so warm. my mother forces me to lie in bed all the time and drink tea, which I have been doing for 24 hours, and now I can no longer lie down. I feel like eating chocolate ice cream from Langnese. Can I eat that? I’m very warm, but also kind of cold.

So I’m already sweating with warmth, but also have goose bumps, totally weird. Well, can I eat ice cream? My mother even forbids me to drink mezzo mix? Is that also forbidden in case of fever ?

I was once told that you shouldn’t drink anything after eating ice cream, or that Bach shouldn’t eat ice cream after drinking (can’t remember exactly). Is that really true?

Moin, would then drink half a liter of melted ice every evening to gain weight..

I know there are better methods but how do I do that? Buy ice cream and then melt it in the microwave πŸ˜‚ that takes time.

Hey Leibe com I want to make a delicious drink with strawberries and crash ice today and does anyone have any good tips or recipes? I already suspect ice cubes (which I can crush in the blender) and strawberries: D.

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