Can a checking account make the world a better place?


Can a checking account make the world a better place?

Sustainability in the financial world

Can a checking account make the world a better place?

June 25th, 2020, 10:11 am

Since 1996, more than 4,700 solar power, wind power, water power and biogas plants have been implemented with DKB loans *. (Source: Monique Wüstenhagen)

What does a bank have to do with sustainability? A question that may seem unusual at first glance, as many associate the word bank with topics such as profit maximization, stock market transactions and profit at any price. Since the banking crisis in 2008 at the latest, the reputation of many banks is no longer in good shape. But wrongly.

There are also banks that contribute with their business model to make our world a little better by investing in social and ecological projects. In order to properly understand this as a normal consumer, one must first know exactly how a bank works. Surely you have often asked yourself what happens to your money at the bank. It should be clear to everyone that it is not stored in huge cash stores and waits to be picked up there.

But what does the bank do with all the money? Banks use the deposits of their customers as capital with which they then generate profits by lending the money, to put it simply, and having it paid back with interest. This can of course be done in a variety of ways. Speculative stock market transactions, offshore and investment banking, lending to controversial industries are common business practices of many banks. But there is another way, as the DKB from Berlin proves.

Who is the DKB and what makes it a sustainable bank?

The DKB is a universal bank for private customers (as a direct bank) and business customers that has focused on sustainability since it was founded in 1990. Essentially, it grants loans to business customers from selected industries and consciously and visibly distances itself from the nuclear power, arms and tobacco industries. Speculative trading, short sales, offshore and investment banking are also no-go. Rather, the cash deposits of around 4.4 million private customers are invested in sustainable projects in Germany. In municipalities, domestic agriculture, medium-sized companies, citizens’ groups, energy providers, educational, health and care facilities.

Banking with a clear conscience. At DKB, your money is invested in sustainable projects in Germany, including in the field of education. (Source: Monique Wüstenhagen)

The DKB financed the first wind turbine in Brandenburg as early as 1996, four years before the first Renewable Energy Sources Act. Since then, over 4,700 solar power, wind power, hydropower and biogas systems have been implemented with DKB loans *. Mathematically, their electrical output replaces six nuclear power plants.
The Corona crisis has shown how important it is for the health system in Germany to be economically profitable and competitive. Investments in a modern infrastructure are therefore necessary. The DKB has been meeting these challenges since 1999 and, as an established financing partner, has supported 10,230 medical practices, pharmacies, care facilities and hospitals by 2019. * This makes the DKB, as of today, the most sustainable bank among the top 20 banks in Germany. This not only makes the DKB #geldverbesserern, but also every single DKB customer.

Become a #money improver and automatically let your money do good

Have you pricked up your ears and want to invest your money in a sustainable way? Do you want a current account without account management fees, but with consistently good performance? Then open the free account of the DKB: With the DKB-VISA-Card you pay as a new customer and as an active customer worldwide free of charge and withdraw money free of charge at over 1,000,000 machines. And by the way, with your DKB account you will become a #money improver and support sustainable projects throughout Germany.

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