Alice Merton Sascha & Sebastian with the hit “No Roots”


Alice Merton, Sascha & Sebastian with the hit "No roots"

This unplugged version of "No roots" is the hit – performed by Alice Merton together with Sebastian Winkler and Sascha Seelemann. On Friday (December 8th) the singer will be a special guest at the release party for "Matuschke’s favorites Vol. 5".

In case you’re wondering what the colorful tubes Sascha and Sebastian are using: These instruments are called Boomwhackers and are not only a real hit with kids and YouTubers.

In "No roots" it’s about her own life story

Alice Merton relates: "My father is from Ireland, my mother is originally from Germany but lived in France. I just feel that I don’t have a country where my roots are."

She has moved a good dozen times: grew up in Oakville, Canada, went to school in Munich, went to England, studied at the Pop Academy in Mannheim. Alice Merton processed in her hit "No roots" her life on the move.

By the way:

BAYERN 3 Frühaufdreher and Matuschke understood at the beginning of 2017 what a brilliant debut track by Alice Merton as a solo artist ring "No roots" is. That’s why it was at the beginning of the year "Matuschke’s favorite", our early riser hit tip and for you in the list "The latest tracks" from BAYERN 3 on Spotify.

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